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Restaurant Damas

Listed in Canada's Best 100 Restaurants (2016 - 2021), Damas is the premier Syrian restaurant in Quebec and Canada.


Following restaurant closures and limits on gatherings during 2020-2021, the Damas Group approached us to initiate a subtle uplift to their brand - revitalizing it after being open for more than a decade while maintaining the valuable brand equity earned over the years.

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We developed a full website overhaul and printed materials in-line with their brand position as a luxury fine-dining experience.

The printed materials reinvigorated guests' appreciation of the dining experience through elegant tactile design after mandated use of impersonal QR codes. An extensive wine list and mouth watering menu shed light on delicacies and unique pairings inspired by Syrian cuisine and innovative takes on traditional dishes. A new visual direction on the website highlighted Damas’ award-winning dining experience and history of Syrian cuisine, consistent with the updated typography and layout from the updated print materials. 

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One main concern throughout the process was brand equity - such a successful establishment changing course in a major shift can result in loss of trust and loyalty with their guests. After discussions with the team about the most important elements of their brand we collectively decided that the logo and brand colors needed to be safeguarded through the uplift. Keeping those characteristic codes of Damas intact allowed the space to adjust layouts and typography while ensuring recognizability across touchpoints and avoiding undue harm to the brand. 

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