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Each year, we partner with a Mediterranean-based charity or foundation that operates within the space of sustainability, cultural heritage, and equity, donating a portion of our profits to support their work.

roam together
La Biala
Folfol by Damas
Restaurant Damas
VLVT Interiors
Epicerie Lulu

Pro-Bono Work

STUDIO CIRCA is a profit-for-purpose agency.

Through C.CO-OP (CIRCA CO-OPERATIVE - our pro bono service), we offer Mediterranean-based hospitality businesses the opportunity to revitalize their brand while waiving our fees. Our doors are open for hospitality brands that align with our values and goal of preserving the natural wonder and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.

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Our studio offers a home to hospitality brands with a shared vision and set of values. If you’re looking for creative support and strategic guidance on the journey to a thriving business, we’d love to hear from you.

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