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Lulu Epicerie

Lulu Epicerie brings true charm, texture and style to Montreal - setting a new standard for Lebanese cuisine in the city.


Aiming to have the most authentic Lebanese cuisine in Montreal, Lulu needed to stand out among the saturated market of Middle Eastern cuisine that only scratched the surface of what was possible.

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We delivered a strategic direction and visual identity for the brand that was culturally appropriate and accurate: spray painted custom Arabic typography, heavy texture use and a series of nostalgic elements from Lebanon brought droves of the diaspora and expat community to fall in love with the concept.

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The team at Lulu took this idea to its fullest potential, sourcing shelf staples and home goods the expat community yearned for: Bonjus, Unica and old soda bottles are sold there while home made soaps and merch are on display at the modern yet gritty interior.

Reminiscent and masterly copywriting was developed by the internal team at Lulu to echo moments and memories of Lebanon that were shared far and wide between the Lebanese community in Montreal and beyond. 

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Since opening, Lulu has received an average 4.7/5 rating on Uber Eats - with the majority of reviews emphasizing the quality and accuracy of the menu, caring and considerate service and distinctive interior / decor. 

Photo Credits: EAT Agency, Saria Chatila, Savannah Thorpe

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