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Part of the Damas portfolio, Folfol is a delivery & takeout concept with a focus on elevated Syrian cuisine using the highest quality sourced ingredients.


The brainchild of Restaurant Damas, Folfol is the creative and laid back counterpart to its luxury parent brand. Our process was aimed at unravelling the complexity of developing a brand that stood on its own while leveraging co-branding and brand equity from its parent company.

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Offering a similar menu to Damas, our strategy workshops with the Damas team brought insights into Folfol’s future brand character: creative, visually impactful, laid back yet confident - while staying true to their Syrian heritage and inspiration.

We focused on creating this clear differentiation in the brand identity through an expressive color scheme inspired by Syria’s cultural aesthetic, whimsical typography and a set of enriching symbols derived through traditional tilework. 

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Although Folfol’s aesthetic codes are quite different to Damas, the co-branding was an important element of the process - as there was an express emphasis that the audience should understand the new concept was being brought to fruition by the same award-winning team at Damas. We integrated the Damas logo into a variety of lockups to ensure visibility at different customer touchpoints - utilizing the brand equity and loyalty the parent brand has garnered in over a decade of business. 

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Since its opening, Folfol has received raving reviews through Uber and Doordash (4.8/5 with over 1,000 individual reviews) and plans have been set into motion to expand into new locations, increasing the brand footprint across the island of Montreal and beyond. 

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"Studio Circa are a dedicated team and open minded to many design styles and approaches. You can see the passion in their work. They were able to translate our vision and ideas into the final brand strategy, identity and collaterals. It is truly amazing to work with someone that can translate words into creative designs."

Mohamed Sirawan, Co-Founder

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