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Roam Together

Roam Together is the go-to app for planning events and trips with friends living the nomadic lifestyle.


The roam together team approached us to develop their brand identity and strategy from the ground up. With a focus on creating a lifestyle oriented brand with a seamless and engaging app experience - we delivered a strategic brand position in the social travel niche.

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A collaborative approach with the team led to great insights in the creation of the brand - with the founder espousing values and promises of an app founded on data security, accessibility and an ad-free experience.

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Our process with the roam together team involved name analysis and development, brand strategy workshops, archetypes and attributes as well as visual design and UI/UX coming together into a holistic package - differentiating them from the other products and brands in the travel app space.

The wordmark is set in lowercase and brings a sense of approachability and friendliness, while the integrated icon highlights the movements and connectivity of nomadic travellers. Lifestyle imagery focused on moments of gathering, exploration and fulfilment emotionally connected the audience to what the brand aims to deliver.

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Following the successful launch of version 1.0 - we have been assisting an external design and development team through creative direction and quality assurance. The app is constantly undergoing tweaking and adjusting following user feedback, with new features and user interface updates aiming to enhance the experience.

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