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Darwin's Warning to Hoteliers

Does your hotel need to evolve?

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We've been reading ‘The Moral Animal’ by Robert Wright, a key book about evolutionary psychology.

Wright outlines how traits and behaviors that are successful are passed down to offspring.While traits and behaviors that are unsuccessful are not.

Nothing mind-blowing here.

Except that Wright goes in depth about how these are not only shifts in genetic code, physical appearance or function.But also influence underlying behaviors, psychology and interpretation of the environment.

This got us thinking about the parallels with hotels and their guests.

What we are calling ‘Brand Selective Pressure’.

This happens when:

*Guests develop higher expectations towards Brands

* New brands emerge, or legacy brands are uplifted to match those expectations

* Guests continue to see more and more ‘aligned’ Brands, and less ‘outdated’ Brands

* The cycle goes on.

* Brands that don’t ‘adapt’ will not be passed to the ‘next generation’

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Guests ‘evolve’ through:

* Design understanding and ‘taste’

* Knowledge and expectations of the digital experience

* Linking brands they love to status (cultural currency, community)

* Looking for connection and storytelling (emotion)

Naturally, it follows that Brands must ‘evolve’ to:

* Have high execution of design, artistic direction, and messaging

* Create well-crafted digital experiences

* Foster a sense of community and impact

* Promote positive emotions throughout their journey with you

Do you need help evolving your hotel brand?

Reach schedule a complimentary Guest Impact Audit™ to discover where you're at, and where we think you can be.

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