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A Letter to Hoteliers Focusing on Tech

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Technology doesnt replace your hospitality brand, it should amplify it.

All the talk of “chatbot this”  and “AI tool that”.

Those technologies can certainly help your property make incremental positive changes.

But what’s the biggest inspiration for guests to book?

Your brand.

Let’s say you decide to invest in a chatbot to help guests find relevant information on your site.

Great idea at first glance, Id also agree.

However if your brand aesthetic, tone of voice, and promise to your guest doesnt connect with them on a deep level - they won’t care what kind of cool chatbot you use - they’ll leave your website without thinking twice.

Take another example: your brand design is intentional, considerate and elaborate, your tone of voice is relevant to what the potential guests expect,  and your imagery is crisp and enticing.

That potential guest will move hell and high water to book - even through a clunky booking engine that looks like its from the 2000’s.


Because you’ve positioned the brand uniquely, you’ve made them dream of visiting your property, you’ve given them a taste of the experience through the language you use and the images you present.

No technology can replace that.

Your brand is the key differentiator for guests - not what technology you use.

Brand always comes first.

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