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What are Your Guests Really Buying?

Your guests aren’t buying rooms, amenities, and the ‘lowest price’.

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Yes, your room square footage, inclusions, and facilities are important - theres no doubt about that.

But what really pushes a guest to book is the connection you build with them. The understanding of their expectations and desires, and the dream you promise to fulfil on property.

They’re buying experiences, memories and emotions.

The same applies for business travel. That segment may be looking for comfort, security, peacefulness, and calm amidst a busy schedule.

How are you connecting to your guests and understanding what they are ‘buying’?

How are you communicating that dream to them when they land on your website or your social media?

Is your copywriting engaging and relevant to your destination’s character and guest expectations?

Is your brand identity and online presence reflective of the on-site experience?

Or are you simply offering a technical list of details and hoping they hit ‘book’?

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