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Brand Imprint Framework: 6 Methods to Audit & Design Moments of Truth Throughout the Guest Journey

Throughout our observations, research and assessment of brands in the hospitality space - we have formulated a new framework to help hoteliers and marketing managers gather insights about how their designed brand touchpoints can be made more impactful and consistent throughout the guest journey.

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Our Brand Imprint Framework examines the guest journey with attention to cognitive biases and mental models such as the Peak End Rule, Brand Dissonance, and Negativity Bias - all of which affect the guest’s perception of your brand on a micro and macro level.  Such models reveal that every single guest touchpoint could be a single source of failure, leading to loss of trust and advocacy.

For that reason there must be careful and deliberate curation and delivery of Brand Imprints by the brand managers and staff alike. We introduce 6 key considerations every hospitality brand must consider:

- Consistency & Congruency

- Visual Impact

- Messaging Communication & Tone

- Materiality

- Customization & Personalization

- Ease of Use

These characteristics are assessed across every stage of the guest journey where applicable, with contextual examples of each.

Finally, we demonstrate how the qualitative assessment is quantified and plotted onto several charts that can be easily understood and assessed by internal team members and stakeholders responsible for the various stages across the guest journey.

To get access to The Brand Imprint Framework, click this link. 

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